The Duck and the Dame (VisDare 14: Normalcy)

My entry into the recent VisDare, a tale of microcosmic comedy and tragedy- and polite bestiality.

dame leads duck

The Duck And The Dame

I can assure you the duck is leading the dame.

Maybe this has come out of women’s lib but apart from being her confidant, lover, conscience, psychoanalyst and muse and I am by far her intellectual superior.

We’ve been married for seven years now and I suppose you want to know about the arguments, affairs, anniversary gifts for your masturbatory readers.

All I’ll say is:

We met when I was teaching writing composition and metaphysical life-coaching at the night school. That was before Midnight Dust. She was finishing her post doc then, she: the socialite Daisy Buchanan dreamed of. I the feathered fowl writer and scholar. We were a match from heaven.

I have pitched a sit com (inspired by real and imagined scenes) to a producer at NBC, of which I’m yet to hear a reply

The lead? For appearances and part of our rapacious role play-related love making.

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